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We partner with exceptional founders with unique insights, from inception through all phases of growth

We invest early in world-class founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology. We’ll lead your first money in at pre-seed or co-invest alongside others in your seed round. By joining the Seedcamp nation you’ll benefit from access to our global network, our fantastic community of founders and unlock smart capital for your next funding rounds. If you’re building a breakout business and want the best possible partner to help get you off the ground and up to a fantastic Series A, and beyond, we want to hear from you now.

We believe in people who are open to the world and want to change it through their experiences. We are looking for founders who want to leave a significant mark in history. We focus on people who are not afraid of challenges and look forward to the future. Our goal is to give founders the support to help people change lives and transform businesses.

We firmly believe that cooperation and global alliances lead to solid companies. We support founders who have a global mindset and focus on international development. We motivate them to look more broadly at the scope of their impact. We provide them guidance, access to our international venture capital network, and support of world-class experts.


Our network is your network

As we build our partnership, the Voyager network becomes your network. From domain experts in your field to early customer targets to strategic partnerships that may lead to much larger outcomes, we put the entire Voyager network at your disposal. Experience has taught us what operational frameworks are of highest value-add to our entrepreneurs’ success.

Go-to-Market guidance

Go-to-Market guidance

We help you understand, develop and build long-term sustainable competitive advantage, product/market fit, and marketing and sales strategies by identifying the network effects, proprietary metrics and strategies that drive clear competitive strength.

Team development

Team development

We help you establish the high standards and recruit the right leadership for the stage you’re in through organizational and leadership consulting, executive search firm partnerships, and being an active board member working side by side with you.

Partnership introductions

Partnership introductions

We help you align potential partnerships to your long term competitive advantage early on.


Some go wide, we go deep

Alumni Network

We’re very selective on the founders we invest in (we have a lower acceptance rate than Harvard). Once a founder is in the portfolio, we plug them into other great founders through online dashboards and offline private events such as portfolio dinners, yearly investor summits, and business development trips to foreign countries.


All of the founding partners have spent time in Silicon Valley and have built startups. Early on, we can help with everything from product development, to technical strategy, to growth hacking techniques. We’re constantly learning from our portfolio and look to share lessons learned and best practices with all our founders.


We know you’re raising money to hire great talent and we try to help source that talent for you. Our events plug us into great developers, our brand helps senior executives confide in us that they’re looking to make a jump, and our newsletters help us promote your needs to thousands of potential hires.


We have 30+ mentors across the globe, from Facebook developers to senior VPs of global corporates. These mentors support and connect you with the people you need in order to grow your business. We partner with regional institutions, from telcos, to governments, to large tech firms such as Google and Twitter to open opportunities for business development.

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