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We Source The Best Startups in India

We invest in the most pioneering, ambitious and impressive founders, ideas and companies in India.

Where do we invest?

We focus on India. To date we’ve invested in startups from Mumbai and Bangalore, we’re looking for companies interested in expanding in Southeast Asia. We also invest in companies from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and the U.S. that have an interest in Southeast Asia.

What do we invest in?

Startups in India that leverage technology and the internet to scale rapidly and disrupt existing industries - from e-commerce to payments, marketplaces to content portals, mobile apps to B2B, IoT to SaaS platforms.

When do we invest?

Focusing on pre-seed, seed and Series A stage companies with the ability to provide follow on later stage investments in India. We have full end to end capability, co-invest with our extensive network of partners and provide continuity from startup to scale up and beyond.

What Makes us Different

When we go all in, we all go in

We require unanimous enthusiasm of our group before we invest in any company. Rather than operate individually, we rely on the power of our combined experience and insight. Because we’re all in as a firm behind you, you can count on us when the going gets tough.

When it comes to origination activities, our access to innovators is unique. We have a broad reach across startup communities and ‘best-in-class’ relationships with top universities, societies and research hubs. We have an extensive network of university relationships with the most forward thinking institutions to channel research led dealflow and an unparalleled pipeline of opportunities.

We conduct deep due diligence across the spectrum with a unique and extensive vetting and research process. This includes red flag scanning, tapping into our network of experts and reference gathering. We carefully look at the founders, their ideas and proposed business models, prototypes/minimum viable products, addressable markets, barriers to entry, products/services, competitive and industry landscapes, financial projections, sales, marketing and execution strategies as well as possible exit options

We meticulously track progress by monitoring development, KPIs and milestones set at the initial investment stage



We are committed to working in close collaboration and trusted partnership with all our stakeholders. Our culture is based on teamwork, integrity, and meritocracy.

Data Driven Decisions

Data Driven Decisions

We have an analytical and tenacious approach to finding the most attractive investment opportunities and to delivering superior returns to our investors.

Internal Investment Committee

Internal Investment Committee

Our investment committee conducts due diligence to ensure the startup meets our requirements.



We believe that operational focus and creative ownership creates better, stronger businesses that are sustainable for the long term.



We recognise the importance of responsible investment and sustainability plays a major part in the way we build long-term business success.



We are committed to making a positive contribution to society by helping to build strong, sustainable companies; creating jobs.

We support our startups to help them thrive

How we add value to generate enhanced returns

We build the infrastructure. You build the company. Together we build the nation. We fast-track a founder’s vision and create value through immediate access to smart capital, a lifelong community of support and a global network built upon a decade’s experience backing exceptional talent.

At Montane we spend a tremendous amount of time evaluating teams. Entrepreneurs and founders scale businesses and investors join for the long ride. Rather than focusing on pedigree, Montane looks for listeners and leaders who serve and inspire their teams and engage collaboratively with investors and advisors.

Besides the team, Montane looks for greenfield opportunities in spaces with no established market leader. We like barriers to entry and high switching costs. We prefer businesses that create annuity and generate recurring revenue and which are capital efficient. Finally, we look for teams that demonstrate the intent and capability to integrate data and analytics into their decision-making.

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