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About Montane Ventures

We're dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who aspire to build world-changing businesses, have the strength to shoulder the responsibility, and who persist in the face of daunting odds.

Montane Ventures is an early-stage Venture Capital fund based in Mumbai and Bangalore, India and founded in 2015 by Joshua Bornstein.

We believe that India holds a unique market and position in the world. India is a global source of top engineering and technology talent, ready to create value domestically and fill the growing gap globally. Entrepreneurs in global cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi are developing and applying technology to extensive markets and critical problems. Overcoming falling and flat global productivity rates represents only one example of the core challenges that will shape the next several decades. We believe that technology and products developed here will play a key role in that effort.

Our Venture Capital Approach

Indian Entrepreneurs.
Global Scale.

India offers a proving ground capable of catalyzing innovative solutions under formidable constraints. As products and businesses develop, strong ties to the US and global markets make the country a unique launch pad for global export. As a fund and team, Montane Ventures is dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurs and innovators who are building world-class companies out of India.

At Montane we spend a tremendous amount of time evaluating teams. Entrepreneurs and founders scale businesses and investors join for the long ride. Rather than focusing on pedigree, Montane looks for listeners and leaders who serve and inspire their teams and engage collaboratively with investors and advisors.

Besides the team, Montane looks for greenfield opportunities in spaces with no established market leader. We like barriers to entry and high switching costs. We prefer businesses that create annuity and generate recurring revenue and which are capital efficient. Finally, we look for teams that demonstrate the intent and capability to integrate data and analytics into their decision-making.

Venture Capital Team

A world class venture capital team to support the best founders of India.

Josh Bornstein

Josh Bornstein

Partner / Director

Josh Bornstein is a seasoned investor in India. As Co-Founder and Partner at Footprint Ventures Josh invested and served on the board of companies like Canvera, Enstage, and Hector Beverages.

Early in his career Josh spent time in Strategic Planning at InfoSys and in the banking sector. He received his BA from Claremont McKenna College.

Rajesh Rai

Rajesh Rai


Rajesh Rai has been an investor in the U.S. and India for 18 years. He was a Co-Founder and Partner at New Markets Venture Partners in Maryland and saw exits from companies like GeoIQ, Lightningcast, Navtrak, and Moodlerooms.

He was CEO and Advisor of the India Innovation Fund, and earned his MBA at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Paul Meinshausen

Paul Meinshausen


Paul Meinshausen is an experienced data, product, and software executive. He co-founded and was Chief Data Officer at PaySense, a mobile fintech startup in Mumbai. Earlier Paul was Vice President of Data Science at and a Principal Data Scientist at Teradata.

Paul was a Data Science Fellow at the University of Chicago, and conducted research in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.

Peter DeYoung

Peter DeYoung

Investment Committee

Peter DeYoung is a member of the Investment Committee at Montane Ventures. He is CEO of Piramal Critical Care, a leading global player in the hospital generics segment and the world's third largest producer of inhaled anesthetics.

Peter has a background in Private Equity and Management Consulting at marquee firms The Blackstone Group and McKinsey and Company. He earned his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and his BSE at Princeton University.

Adam Walker

Adam Walker

Growth Associate

Adam served as the first Product Manager at KredX, India's largest invoice financing marketplace. He sold his last startup, Hummingbill, to KredX in 2016.

Since graduating from Carnegie Mellon and RIT in 2012, Adam started ventures in multiple geographies including Kosovo, Chile, Kenya and India.

Mitalee Mulpuru

Mitalee Mulpuru

Finance and Software specialist

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